Mindful Motherhood

The One-stop app for a positive pregnancy and Mindful Motherhood, the app is an innovative guide which resonates with your Mother’s care for all 281 days!

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A well- informed pregnancy is the only need of an expectant mom. With mind&mom, your elusive search for the best pregnancy guide- in- hand is accomplished. Your baby’s growth journey right from a tiny little cell to an adorable baby is narrated through the weekly updates with an interesting article from our experts. Feel the connect with your baby every day through the baby-voice feature and monitor your little munchkin right from home with our best tracking tools such as Fetal Heart Rate tool, Hit Counter and Tummy Measure. Stay well-informed to take the right decisions!


As euphoric, thrilled and exciting pregnancy might sound, it also has its moments of anxiety and self-doubt. With mind&mom, you will be able to get those few minutes of serene during the day which helps you focus on your baby, love your body, release any tension which you might be carrying around and to center yourself. We have a range of fitness module, offering hand-picked guided meditation, Yoga & Affirmations designed by our team of experts. Remain calm and enjoy a positive pregnancy! 


A perfect blend of tech’s guide with mom’s care, efficacious health counters &tools, are diligently designed to guide you throughout your journey, remind you on your chores, prep you for your health tests, provide an essential checklist and monitor your health from home. With mind&mom, you now have access to a complete health dashboard in your fingertips. Have a hassle-free & happy pregnancy with the right guide beside you!


Pregnancy sometimes can be exhausting even to grab a glass of water. With our tit-bit healthy recipes, fill and fuel your nutritional needs within minutes. Relish your daily nutrition with our customized recipes according to your gestational week & mood. Hormonal changes during pregnancy leads to a bunch of skin concerns such as dull skin, rashes and more. Hence we got you covered with our safe & soothing skin-glow routines with natural ingredients for all types of skin.  You deserve to look good & feel good!


Cherish your pregnancy journey with m&m along with your loved ones. Your pregnancy can be gauged with mind&mom’s pragmatic health tool’s which keeps you on track. As a cheerleader, we increase your zest for fitness with exciting rewards for your completed tasks. Favorites should never be forgotten, and that’s why we let you bookmark your favorite recipes & workouts. Pregnancy takes a toll on your emotional ride; hence we care for your mental health at all times with our Healing Center. We care for your physical & mental well-being for a nourished pregnancy!