Join the future of device based maternal healthcare!

Mind & Mom for Healthcare  providers

Create a future with AI for the best maternal health outcomes which would allow the expectant mom and healthcare provider for a better and more informed decision making. 

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What sets up apart?

We are so much more than just a wellness app! Our pregnancy wellness application is unique which spans across AI, physical & mindful wellness solutions for a healthy pregnancy.
discomforts relief

Wellness solution

Our wellness solutions for niche pregnancy complications and common discomforts allow OBGYN's and healthcare providers to suggest & provide better prenatal care for their patients.

Daily Nutrition & wellness plan

Weekly Nutrition

Customised nutrition insights & healthy recipes according to the gestational week helps your patient achieve their increased nutritional needs and attain a healthy weight gain.

Health check (Tools - Bp, Water, Pill)

Health check

Our Ai based application built with vital health tools enables the Healthcare provider to understand, track and monitor the health dashboard of the patient for a hassle-free experience.

1.t imester wise health tests checklist-

Prenatal Tests

Get clear insights of the recommended list of prenatal screening tests, along with a brief on how to prepare for every single test. This saves the time of the OBGYN with their patients on FAQ.

Clinical records

Clinical records

Access an instant digital space of health records stored securely in the app for free. This accurate and reliable data helps you make a well-informed decision at the right time.

Dr. Vinayak Smith

Ask a doctor

The expectant moms get queries answered by the doctors and access the expert's videos anytime through the app.

Why choose Mind & Mom?


Safe pregnancy

We work with global wellness experts & doctors to create our wellness solutions.

Ai based approach


We prevent 60+ pregnancy complications with our AI based approach & service.

We_re trusted


Most of the big player healthcare providers and OBGYN’s already trust in our safe and proven wellness solution. Also we’re onboarded as part of their patient’s birthing plan.

Device-based care

Mom's Fitness

Device-based care could also increase accountability in the provider-patient relationship and open the door for more personalized care.


Mom's Fitness

6x revenue growth and 10x patient satisfaction achieved.

Here is what you get to enjoy with Mind & Mom

Join the future of device based maternal healthcare!

Financial benefits
Financial benefits
Feature in newsletters, Expert talks, Website
Feature in newsletters, experts talks, website
Promote in recommended list of hospitals
Promote your hospital in the recommended list of hospitals

Let's Grow Together!

Are you a healthcare provider who loves to engage with your patient and their families? Integrate with mind&mom to bring your own app with your own branding; yearly payment and unlimited users onboard. When you can be a new-age healthcare support, why serve like yet another traditional hospital?