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IVF sofware

Do you run an IVF clinic, and you want to make things automated? You will rather agree if we say you get lost in all the unorganized patient data management

Guava leaves

Guava Leaves and Fertility

Guava Leaves And Fertility: A Natural Remedy For Boosting Reproductive Health. Are you struggling with fertility issues and looking for a natural remedy? Look no further than guava leaves! Loaded

i-pill affect future pregnancy

It’s time to discuss something crucial we’ve been avoiding. You’re probably familiar with it; many of us might have as well used it before. Whether it was a night of

Fertility community

Welcome to the exciting world of fertility! If you’re on this journey, you’re probably eager to start your family, but also feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of where to

signs of high fertility

It’s like your body becomes a secret agent, covertly sending out coded messages through its physical signals – and if you can decipher the language, you’ll gain valuable intel on

Pregnant women

You’ve been hearing for centuries on why pregnancy is fruitful, but let me tell you the truth. Pregnancy is of course a wonderful journey but it’s also an overwhelming experience

Mom with baby

No one can prepare you for how difficult breastfeeding is. Lactation class I took was a waste of time, and my baby doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of

Getting pregnant after 35 or 40 years has become a common occurrence in recent times. I don’t even have to tell you the reasons, the main ones include career goals,

Jerk off, No fap challenge, Happy Ending. Does this all sound familiar? Then, this blog is for you. Yes, you guessed that right. Let’s talk masturbation for today. I’m sure

1. Involve your life partner in your fertility journey. You and your partner can have both high and low days. Understand that not everything is under your control. Be supportive

A Month or two after marriage, we would already get bombarded with questions about the “so-called good news” from all those nosy neighbors and relatives pointing at the woman, and

why IVF is not the only solution for your fertility problems?

I don’t even have to convince you that, every street in India in the last 5 years has been mushrooming with IVF clinics. Thanks to societal pressure we put on

Nearly  1.7 billion people on this planet menstruate! That means that 4.2 million of them are having their periods right now when you’re reading this! More than 80 percent of them suffer

16 Contraceptive methods

Contraception refers to the prevention of pregnancy. There are several methods to do so. Contraception disrupts pregnancy in one of three broad ways:  Barrier Method  Birth Control  Intrauterine Devise  Natural

Sad Couples holding pregnany test sitting in bed

One of the most prevalent reasons for infertility in women in the world today, is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, as it is most commonly known. Worldwide, PCOS affects a

timing fertility

Every sexually active woman (or couple) who are not planning for a baby, has had at least one heart-stopping, gut-wrenching moment of waiting, and hoping, for a single line, and not two, to appear

Tips to get pregnant

11 Tips To Get Pregnant

The first and foremost thing you ought to know as a couple trying to conceive is that your body is biologically wired to procreate when the conditions within it are


IS YOUR PERIOD IRREGULAR? Do any of the following characteristics remind you of your period (and not your ex)? Unpredictable Shows up randomly with inconsistent frequency, duration and flow Always

Delayed periods

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their monthly period. They meet its arrival with annoyance and apprehension, while being frustrated and anxious over any delays. Here, we take the mystery

period hacks!

Period hacks!

When Aunt Flo comes a-knockin’, does your survival instinct force you to run and bury yourself under your blanket, with a humongous bag of chips and unlimited Netflix for company?

Men, more often than not, find it confusing when a woman in their life is pregnant. So here are some simple things you can do to make her feel better.

Women having menstrual cramos

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is a condition characterized by a range of physical and psychological symptoms that many women in their reproductive years suffer from. The syndrome is primarily diagnosed


Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS, as it is most commonly known, is an umbrella term used to describe a whole gamut of physical and psychological symptoms that could range from mild

induction of labor ways

Overdue and baby in no mood to come out? Here are some tips to trick them to come out! By the end of the third trimester, every pregnant woman wishes

make up products

Makeup is an essential part of life these days. We know that make-up may not always be safe for the fetus, but what are the particular unsafe ingredients to look

ethical lovemaing

The narrative around sex has changed throughout generations, from our grandmothers, mothers and finally to the youth. As a social phenomenon, sex evolves through the years and our understanding of

A woman dreaming of having a baby - infertility

Ready to become a mom?

Plan your pregnancy! Choosing to get pregnant is a life-changing decision. Once you have a baby, life as you know it exists no longer. Planning ahead can help prepare your

Baby bump

You’re pregnant! Congratulations!! Get ready for the ride of your life. Here’s the beginning of a rollercoaster journey that will last about 9 months and take you through a range

Pregnancy apps for mindful pregnancy

Pregnancy Apps – Don’t knock it till you try it! You could be the most organised and well-planned person but when pregnant, you may feel out of sorts and disorganised.

Trying to Concieve

Wait, Am I Pregnant??? Unprotected sex and trying to conceive can make us anxious. It is early to miss your period but you want to know if you’re pregnant.  First