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PCOS and Fatty liver

PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age including pregnant women.  You may experience irregular menstrual cycles and metabolic issues like excessive hair

fetal anomaly scan

What is a Fetal Scan? A fetal anomaly scan, also known as ultrasound or targeted ultrasound, is a specialised imaging procedure that provides a detailed examination of a developing fetus

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride, where you get to experience boundless joy and anticipation, but you also cannot escape moments of concern and trepidation.  The moment you see slight bleeding

Ovulation Disorders that you should be aware of

The intricate balance of hormones and the delicate function of the reproductive system hold the key to fertility. It starts from birth, gains importance at puberty, and continues until menopause.

Natural Ways to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Having vaginal itching or irritation? Do you feel a burning sensation when you pee? Having off white, greenish or grey coloured vaginal discharge? This could be a sign that you

How to identify different types of IVF

Introduction In the world of fertility treatments, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) offers hope to couples struggling to conceive. But did you know that there are different types of IVF procedures?

First time sex - A candid discussion on the pressure, pleasure, and potential pregnancy

There are two kinds of first-timers when it comes to having sex. You either waited until after marriage to make it special and you are ready to get pregnant too.

Taking up ART treatments can be physically and emotionally draining because of its unpredictable nature of IUI Treatment

What’s IUI Treatment? Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure that involves carefully placing the washed and prepared sperm directly into your uterus and not in the ovaries, unlike IVF, during

Unveiling the enigma: No symptoms after embryo transfer - Is that normal?

When you are trying to have a baby, you will be on the lookout for the earliest possible signs of pregnancy. You will be counting the days past ovulation (DPO),

Exploring the Story of Eggs: How Many Eggs Are Present in the Embryo?

I understand your curiosity. You want to be in tune with your body and want to know what’s happening inside as much as you know about the outside. So you

IVF and ectopic pregnancy - decoding the correlation! 

If you are undergoing an IVF treatment, you might be clouded with numerous concerns. Conceiving with IVF does have an increased risk of complications. However, a knowledge of those complications

Looking for effective fertility pills to boost your chances of getting pregnant?

Are you and your partner on your way to becoming parents? While it’s a journey filled with all excitement, dreams, and anticipation, the road to fertility can feel challenging for

7 Best Foods to Increase Fertility

You wouldn’t believe how much your food choices can influence your fertility. From boosting hormonal balance to enhancing reproductive functions, a well-nourished body is key to enhancing your ability for

Worst food for fertility

Do you often feel that the culprits are easily visible when it comes to dietary impacts on fertility? Still, winning them over in that mind game can be a real

Birth control affect fertility

In our recent survey about Contraceptives, around 38% of them were concerned about birth control affecting fertility and the possible side effects it will bring in. Are you one among

Natural Pregnancy After a Failed IVF

Ivf can sometimes feel like a last resort to many couples So, when a cycle fails, it can be a huge setback that might leave you confused about the next

Genetic Testing

What is Genetic Testing, and Why is it Essential for an IVF Baby? Genes play a crucial role in the birth of a baby because it may inherit certain genetic

IVF Process

We all know the rates at which fertility clinics are booming, especially in the past few decades. Though many blame the modern Westernized lifestyle changes and food patterns that we

Future Parents.

Interview with Dr. Puvithra Thanikachalam MBBS,DNB(OG),FRMA,PGDMC Senior Consultant Fertility Specialist & Andrologist Head of the Department- Chettinad Fertility Services When it comes to fertility struggles, the focus is often placed

Male Fertility Supplements

Are you and your partner struggling with infertility? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It can be a frustrating and emotional experience, but there are ways to improve your chances of

IVF sofware

Do you run an IVF clinic, and you want to make things automated? You will rather agree if we say you get lost in all the unorganized patient data management

Guava leaves

Guava Leaves and Fertility

Guava Leaves And Fertility: A Natural Remedy For Boosting Reproductive Health. Are you struggling with fertility issues and looking for a natural remedy? Look no further than guava leaves! Loaded

i-pill affect future pregnancy

It’s time to discuss something crucial we’ve been avoiding. You’re probably familiar with it; many of us might have as well used it before. Whether it was a night of

Fertility community

Welcome to the exciting world of fertility! If you’re on this journey, you’re probably eager to start your family, but also feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of where to

signs of high fertility

It’s like your body becomes a secret agent, covertly sending out coded messages through its physical signals – and if you can decipher the language, you’ll gain valuable intel on

Pregnant women

You’ve been hearing for centuries on why pregnancy is fruitful, but let me tell you the truth. Pregnancy is of course a wonderful journey but it’s also an overwhelming experience

Mom with baby

No one can prepare you for how difficult breastfeeding is. Lactation class I took was a waste of time, and my baby doesn’t seem to be getting the hang of

pregnant women

Getting pregnant after 35 or 40 years has become a common occurrence in recent times. I don’t even have to tell you the reasons, the main ones include career goals,

cover image

Jerk off, No fap challenge, Happy Ending. Does this all sound familiar? Then, this blog is for you. Yes, you guessed that right. Let’s talk masturbation for today. I’m sure

couple thinking and sitting sadly

1. Involve your life partner in your fertility journey. You and your partner can have both high and low days. Understand that not everything is under your control. Be supportive