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induction of labor ways

Overdue and baby in no mood to come out? Here are some tips to trick them to come out! By the end of the third trimester, every pregnant woman wishes

make up products

Makeup is an essential part of life these days. We know that make-up may not always be safe for the fetus, but what are the particular unsafe ingredients to look

ethical lovemaing

The narrative around sex has changed throughout generations, from our grandmothers, mothers and finally to the youth. As a social phenomenon, sex evolves through the years and our understanding of

A woman dreaming of having a baby - infertility

Ready to become a mom?

Plan your pregnancy! Choosing to get pregnant is a life-changing decision. Once you have a baby, life as you know it exists no longer. Planning ahead can help prepare your

Baby bump

You’re pregnant! Congratulations!! Get ready for the ride of your life. Here’s the beginning of a rollercoaster journey that will last about 9 months and take you through a range

Pregnancy apps for mindful pregnancy

Pregnancy Apps – Don’t knock it till you try it! You could be the most organised and well-planned person but when pregnant, you may feel out of sorts and disorganised.

Trying to Concieve

Wait, Am I Pregnant??? Unprotected sex and trying to conceive can make us anxious. It is early to miss your period but you want to know if you’re pregnant.  First

eco friendly alternatives to period products

Goodbye Pads! Hello Eco-friendly Period! Ever felt tired of sanitary napkins? Constant changing, rashes, and stains – not to mention they’re terrible for the environment – what’s not to get

Malavika Hegde the CEO of CCD

After seeing the coffee culture around the world, V G Siddhartha decided to open Cafe Coffee Day by starting the first branch of this chain in 2016 in Bangalore. With

Breast milk — finest nutrients source for babies

First 1000 days are very crucial for a baby’s growth & development. Thus, nutrition received during this time period makes an impact on overall growth. Breast milk is a natural

3 Quick and Easy folds of Plup menstrual cup

If you are new to using menstrual cups, trust me! You have landed on the right page. Using cups are life altering decisions for a few. It takes a little

Tips for choosing a maternity dress

Before and after childbirth presents a unique situation where your body goes through many changes.  You need the right dress to help you make it easier to deal with challenges. The ideal maternity dress can help you move around and still be active in

5 things to consider when buying a baby monitor

You thought the hardest part was delivering the baby? Girl, you surely don’t know what lies ahead. Once you reach home from the hospital the next scariest part is probably

When women thrive, humanity thrives!

Women’s empowerment and promoting women’s rights have emerged as a part of a major global movement and is continuing to break new ground in recent years. What have to be

a pregnant woman with shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a problem faced by 40% of pregnant women. Like other aches, shoulder pain can be normal in pregnancy. Why does pregnant women have shoulder pain? In the

What are the calls for a C-section?

The national C-section rate is 21.5%, higher than what the World Health Organization terms ideal”, 10-15%, according to the National Family Health Survey.  47.4% babies born in private sector via

smooth legs without varicose veins

Pregnancy is truly a wonderful phenomenon. But, it sure is not always a smooth ride. It’s a wholesome package with a lot of pleasantries and a miasma of physical, mental

What happens if my baby is in breech position?

A breech pregnancy occurs when the baby is positioned head-up in the woman’s uterus, so the feet are towards the birth canal. Unlike normal pregnancy, where the baby’s position is

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, either you will have a heightened sex drive or sex is the last thing on your mind. There is no in between. But when you are

Pregnant woman with weighing machine in hand

You are pregnant! While it gives the absolutely valid excuse to blame your weight gain on, you already feel insecure because of it. Your mom tries her best to over

10 home remedies for swollen feet

What a roller coaster ride pregnancy is! Like people say, it’s a beautiful experience. But I also believe those people forget morning sickness, an appetite like that of a Godzilla,

Mind and Momrecap

Mind and Mom mini-bytes 2021

Looking back as we step forward! We go happily into 2022, with big dreams and bigger hopes. What was just an idea in the beginning of 2021, began with a

Pregnancy memes – because happy mom = happy baby!

LOL…Well, if you are pregnant, this blog is to give you today’s dose of laughter. Hope you find it too relatable, and go ROFL. Oops! I forgot you can’t do

Fem tech and health care

While the rest of the world has a list of health care professionals to seek help for pregnancy from, like – Obstetrician, general physician, mid-wife, nutritionist, therapist,… we Indian women

gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes 101

Your sweet craving hits you hard; and you wish to get that chocolate cake right after your check-up. But, your report says your blood sugar level is high and just

Pregnancy loss art

You might have heard people talk about their pregnancy loss or miscarriage or mid-trimester loss or their fetal demise. But were they truly heard and understood? Was their voice loud

unconventional motherhood

Celebrity news is a big thing in India. The attention they get in media is unimaginable; paparazzi pictures and celeb gossips sell huge. That’s how much people shadow celebrities here.

Veganism – Is it healthy to #go vegan during pregnancy?

India – The land of culture is constantly evolving with global influence. Adaptation to western culture has blurred Indian cultural concepts at least since the millennial generation. So keeping up

Infertility in men - The silent shame!

We may mock Indian soap operas for the portrayal of women being in the brunt end of any familial problem. But it is not entirely a sham, you know. They

pregnancy loss story

Pregnancy loss story

Dear mumma, You would have envisioned your baby grow; To hold those little arms and little toes. Dreamt of those glassy eyes, And wished to sing a lullaby. Now that