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For many women, the most common symptoms of morning sickness are their first signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness is also known as nausea/vomiting of pregnancy (NVP), emesis gravidarum, or pregnancy

What is that smell pregnancy quirks

There is no particular way to sugarcoat the pregnancy stage of any woman – the only great thing is being able to hold your baby after the 9 trying months.

your superpower - pregnancy brain

When your brain has too many tabs open… Congratulations on first noticing this superpower! In case you haven’t yet realized your “temporary” superpower yet – read on to find more.

A Smiling Smart Sleeping Baby

You can make your baby smart right from the start! Wonder how? Eat the right food and you will make your baby smarter in the womb. Your baby’s cognitive development

Mother Kangaroo with Pouch

Have you ever noticed a ridge or coning of your belly when you sit up? Lost all the “baby weight” but still feel like you have a pooch? Does your

Pregnant women doing yoga

Welcome to the 2nd Trimester! With new experiences, symptoms and a tinge of unexpected surprise and fear of what’s in store for you in the next trimester, stepping into the

Pregnant women visiting doctor

As a newly pregnant mom-to-be, you may feel both excited and a little overwhelmed thinking about the journey ahead of you. Choosing an obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) you are comfortable with can

First Trimester Worries Busted

Congratulations! You are pregnant and by now, you should be wondering; what are the things I should not be doing rather than the things that I should do? There might

gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Pills: If you have gestational diabetes and you are concerned if you should start your diabetes pill, below are some of the things you should do: During pregnancy,

GUARANTEED hacks to sleep better during pregnancy

During your third trimester, you might feel that your bed has shrunk. Your common sleep stealers are no longer your binging web series or movie marathons but instead are the

Labor - Not a laborious task anymore

Every pregnant woman would have thought at least once of “Would I be able to endure the labor pain?” “How worse could it be?” “Are there ways to reduce the

Unexpected places to spot your stretch marks during pregnancy

Anatomy of a Stretch Mark When your body grows faster than your skin’s pace, it causes the elastic fibers just under the surface of your skin to break, resulting in

Do Baby girl make you look uglier Pregnant Woman pregnancy myth

grandma pregnancy myths

People just LOVE to make predictions and sweeping statements about pregnancy. The amount of myths out there surrounding pregnancy are many and you could make a list much longer than

Ugh Dreams while pregnancy Mind and Mom

Are you experiencing new dreams or dream patterns which are vivid, colourful, scary, intense dreams ? There can be numerous reasons and most commonly it’s the cause of the change


The old wives tale of losing a tooth for every baby will become true if you don’t take proper precaution and delay your visit to the dentist during your pregnancy.

A Happy woman Induction Days Are Coming

Labor Pain, Like every first-time expectant mom, my feelings towards labor and delivery were excited, anxious, and scared. I did not prepare myself by crowding my mind with too much