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I’ve always been fascinated by looking at the Healthcare industry and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in a company that dealt with customers in the healthcare segment. When I was pregnant, I was clueless since I was a young mum and the first mum amongst my friends. I used to have hundreds of questions in my mind and had the company of my mum, aunties and relatives who had their own PhD in gynaecology :P. Hence, I searched on my own for answers. I was sure of just one thing – I wanted a positive pregnancy experience hence being the tech-savvy women, I hit google. I wasn’t less surprised. It had extraneous information and I soon was lost inside. There was so much information that I wasn’t able to choose to read a particular website or choose which pregnancy type would I fit it (not to mention the jargons it had and the hyperlinks that redirected to me an elaborate (tad scary) explanation in a medical/hospital site.

My OBGYN was very sweet. She would patiently answer my questions during my regular visits. I’ve had questions, in the middle of the night or when I’m in the loo. I would plan to ask her in the next visit which would be 1 month away. At that visit, thank the pregnancy brain, which would forget it and would have a different question then.

Honestly, I don’t know if I would have or not have opted by C-sec, but I was steered by my peers that I believed less in my body and pain bearing capacity and I chose the C section.

My postpartum made me question my choices. I wished I had someone to educate me, to motivate me throughout my journey and kept me well-informed for better decision making.

It was then the idea of creating an app for Pregnancy with the mission of mindfulness and positivity came in. I wanted the women out there to have access to positive, mindful and curated information available all the time during their pregnancy.

We wanted to make use of the ingenious artificial technology coupled with the minds of scientists from Australia, prenatal experts, nutritionists and new mums out there, I and my co-founder from the US created our baby – The Mind and Mom app.

Founder and Mother of Mind and Mom


Board Of Doctors

Priya Selvaraj

Dr. Priya Selvaraj

Dr. Vinayak Smith

Dr. Vinayak Smith