10 home remedies for swollen feet!

January 5, 2022

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What a roller coaster ride pregnancy is! Like people say, it’s a beautiful experience. But I also believe those people forget morning sickness, an appetite like that of a Godzilla, unlimited trips to the restroom, sleepless nights and tired days, and many other effects on your body that are part and parcel of the journey. 

The whole 9 months, your body changes rapidly, which could make you slightly uncomfortable. Just kidding; you will feel like you are in someone else’s body. 

Out of the lot of physical and health concerns you might have, let’s talk about swollen feet now. In the third trimester, your feet swell and turns unrecognizable right when you thought your shoes are the only thing that would still fit.

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Let's understand why your feet swell during pregnancy!

It’s usual to start noticing swelling gradually from your second trimester. Swelling is caused by your body holding more water than usual when you’re pregnant. Your blood volume increases by about 50 percent! during the course of your pregnancy, and that’s paired with a lot of hormonal fluid retention. The pressure of your growing womb can also affect the blood flow to your legs, causing them to swell.

While it makes your shoes tight, be assured that the swelling will reduce in the days and weeks after your baby is born.

Other factors that can cause ballooning feet include:

  • hot weather
  • dietary imbalances
  • caffeine intake
  • not drinking enough water
  • being on your feet for long periods of time

But if you have a rapid swelling (which might be a symptom of pre-eclampsia) or, If there is swelling as early as in the first trimester, along with other symptoms like head ache, dizziness, blurred vision, confusion or bleeding, please consult your doctor ASAP.

Pregnancy swollen feet

Let's get to the remedies!

Swollen feet are not something you would have to worry about; but we know it’s uncomfortable. There are ways to make you feel better.

  1. Avoid salt intake – They cause water retention in the body. So add other seasoning to add flavors to your food. Now, oregano sounds delicious! More potassium – helps balance out body fluids. Dietary intake should also be complimented with supplements. You must already be thinking of bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yogurt,…

  2. Drink plenty of water; at least 10 glasses a day, to keep your kidney active and flush out excess water.

  3. Wearing 15-20mmHG compression socks that end at your knee can help alleviate the pain. The socks gradually increase pressure in your legs and move some of the excess fluid back into your blood vessels and the rest of your body. But make sure you don’t wear one with a tight band in the end, which could worsen the condition by blocking the blood flow.

  4. Keep moving; take a walk everyday.

  5. Rest with your feet elevated while sitting or lying down as much as you can. This simple change in position decreases the pressure on your veins and help to drain the pooled fluid.
  1. When it’s hot, keep your body cool as much as possible. Immerse your feet in moderately cool water for about 20 minutes a day. Avoid vigorous exercise, and going out. Wear loose fitting clothing and shoes that fit your changing feet size.

  2. Sleep on your left side – Okay I know with your big belly you are already struggling with a proper position; but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. Nothing is better than a foot massage for swollen feet. Do indulge in this while you can. Add lavender oil to make it more soothing.

  4. Stop caffeine intake already. Seriously, while occasional caffeine intake during pregnancy is not harmful, it is a diuretic which will make you pee more and that will confuse your body and it will retain more water.

  5. Exercises: You can do foot exercises to increase blood flow and provide relief. The following videos will help you with it. But ladies, do get a signal from your health care professional before you start working out. 

My dear pregnant mamas, hope these home remedies provide a relief from the bothersome swollen feet. And, in a few months time, all you will be bothered about is the little feet of your baby!

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