10 Ways To Fight Infertility together

1. Involve your life partner in your fertility journey.

You and your partner can have both high and low days. Understand that not everything is under your control.

Be supportive to each other as a couple, since it helps in reducing your stress, anxiety and creates a positive environment, that’s also conducive to your fertility journey and increases your chances of success rates for getting conceived.

 So, take them to those hospital visits, prioritize your partner’s needs and feelings, and most importantly, don’t forget to understand their love language.  

2. Get your hormones right.

Keeping your hormones in balance is the most crucial part in fighting your infertility. Observe your symptoms, keep track of the changes and approach concerned medical experts well in advance when you observe any abnormalities.

3. Watch what and how you eat

We all know, that food is a major factor for improving your fertility. A balanced nutritious meal with a variety of colors will help maintain your fertile hormones on track. 

how to eat balanced meal

4. Know what doesn't work and then know what actually works.

Infertility myth can drive you crazy, especially if you’re a couple trying to conceive. Educate yourself and understand the misconceptions surrounding infertility.

Tracking your ovulation will also help you take informed decisions about the right time to conceive.  

5. There's already enough smoke around us.

I know it is the 21st century and it’s all fun to drink and smoke. But it’s time to take some responsible decisions and quit that smoking and alcohol consumption today.

I don’t even have to tell you about the negative impacts these habits can cause on your fertility and overall health for both of you. It becomes difficult to conceive by affecting the hormone production and damaging the DNA in sperm and more.

Make sure you ditch that smoke right now!!

6. Move those legs and hands.

Physical activity will help you, improve blood circulation, regulate your hormones and reduce stress levels. Make sure, you keep yourself physically active in any form.

You can involve yourself as a couple, for fitness challenges, marathons, and consider innovative ways to keep your fitness journey fun and engaging.

Move those legs and hands

7.Make gynecologist your best friend.

A doctor or a gynecologist is an important care taker if you’re a couple trying to conceive. It is said so, for the following reasons;

□ To gain the right resources and information about fertility and conception from an authentic source

□ To better understand yourself and be more aware of your body and bodily processes.

□ To create a strong bond as a couple and understand your partner better

□ To monitor your progress and get support and guidance throughout the conception process.

8. Develop mindfulness

Mindful living will help you to reduce stress and anxiety and be more aware of your own self and any changes that may be happening. Take up guided meditation, affirmation or yoga and adapt mindfulness techniques that keep yourself in peace.

9. Consider Environmental toxins

Environmental toxins can impact fertility by causing hormonal imbalance that may damage your reproductive organs. Understand the possibility of passing on these toxins to the developing baby that might lead to birth defects or other health problems.

Stay away from environmental toxins, as much as possible.

10. Take Mind&Mom in your fertility journey

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