3 Quick and Easy folds of Plup menstrual cup

If you are new to using menstrual cups, trust me! You have landed on the right page. Using cups are life altering decisions for a few. It takes a little bit of practise to master the art of inserting the cup and to remove it. The way you fold your cup before inserting it, is more important. The right fold makes you feel comfortable while inserting. Our Plup cups are softer and easier to fold which makes your entire experience a good one. 

Different types of menstrual cup of folds

Got our Plup in your hands? Lucky you. The next thought is “How am I to insert it inside?”. Worry not, keep reading to know the three most popular menstrual cup folding techniques. 

#1. The C Fold

One of the most common and popular folds is the C-fold technique. It is popular because it saves your time and it can be done using only one hand. Seems simple, right? 

the c fold of mentrual cup

Pinch the cup flat using your index finger and fold the cup in half. You should be able to see a closed “C” or “U” shape.

#2. The 7 Fold

The 7 Fold is a widely used technique by many women out there. It is easy and simple just like the C fold. Unlike the C fold, this technique gives you more control as to when you want the cup to pop open.

the 7 fold of menstrual cup

How to 7 Fold?
Use both your hands and pinch the rim of your Plup. Then, take any one side corner and fold it diagonally towards the base of the cup.

#3. The Punch Down Fold

The punch down fold is the most comfortable of all the folds that’s available out there. The Punch Down technique is just great for beginners. 

punch down fold of menstrual cup

How to Punch Down Fold?
Hold the cup in one hand. Use the index finger of your free hand and push the rim of the cup all the way down. And Voila! You have the Punch Down Fold.

While all these may sound strange or easy, we suggest you try them a few times before your cycle is about to start. This makes the entire process of moving to the cup for the first time less messy.

Author – Bhuvana Gopinath, Plush.

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