6 Natural Ways to Induce labor

Overdue and baby in no mood to come out? Here are some tips to trick them to come out!

By the end of the third trimester, every pregnant woman wishes that her baby comes out sooner than later. Once it is past the due date, it becomes more than just a wish, you get antsy and unbearably uncomfortable. So, for those mammas who are struggling after the due date, here are some natural ways to induce labor, to nudge your baby out of their comfort zone and out into the world.

natural ways to induce pregnancy naturally

Get it on

So those of us who have seen “Friends” know what I mean. Having sex is said to induce labor. The explanation is that semen stimulates the cervix and orgasm can cause contractions. So go ahead and have some fun, even if you don’t go into labor, you get to have some fun!

Spicy food

The science behind this is still unclear, but, women have sworn by this for decades. Let’s look for any excuse to enjoy a spicy meal, and maybe get into labor!

Bumpy Car ride/Using exercise balls

The jumping up and down on an exercise ball and a bumpy car ride encourage the fetus to get in position to come out of the birth canal, this is more of encouraging your baby by showing them the way to come out.


Nipple stimulation leads to contraction by releasing oxytocin. Body massage and specifically foot massage can help by stimulating the pressure points to induce labor.

Enemas/Castor Oil

These are laxatives that stimulate your bowel which can cause contractions and prepares the cervix for labor. But be prepared for diarrhea and dehydration by drinking lots of water and fresh juice.

Exercises (Swimming/Walking)

It prepares your body for delivery and helps dilation. Swimming can also relax your muscles and reduce joint pain


Eating dates and pineapple have been known to help with dilation and effacement. They also help in the softening of the cervix and it is also great for your baby.

time for labor

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