Postpartum essentials for the new-mom!

Have you become a parent recently? Congratulations mumma!

You might have prepared a lot for your pregnancy – attended workshops, did a lot of shopping, consulted experts, etc. You might have even prepared to welcome the little addition to your family. But now that you are into your fourth trimester, postpartum; I am sure you have swung blindly into this erratic phase, without thinking about yourself.

We understand that it is not easy with the lack of sleep, fluctuating hormones and extra responsibilities. But, we got your back and hope our checklist helps you brace yourself to ease the postpartum mayhem. Tick through all the essentials you require as a new mom to gear up for the postpartum period.

(1) Postpartum essentials after C-section

Images of all postpartum c-section recovery essentials around the title

1. Pain Relief

Controlling your pain after surgery is crucial because it makes it easier for you to take care of yourself and your baby. If you didn’t have relief, the pain you would experience would stop you from wanting to get up and walk and take deep breaths which are essential for recovery. Take the medication that your doctor prescribes you on schedule to stay on top of your pain relief .

  2. Postpartum pads

Even though you did not give birth vaginally, you will still experience postpartum bleeding. This bleeding will first look like a heavy period that will gradually get lighter and darker in color over the next two weeks. Anything otherwise suggests over-exertion. Give yourself rest so that you can heal. For postpartum bleeding, we recommend a large postpartum pad that is free of chemicals.

3. High-Waist Underwear

Once you have ditched the mesh undies or your postpartum bleeding has stopped, get some cotton high-waist underwear. The waistband lies well above your incision which means no rubbing or irritation!

4. Loose Fitting Clothes

Nursing nightgowns are highly recommendable. Wearing a soft, loose nursing gown with a cotton bathrobe can be so much more comfortable than wearing pants that could rub too much on your scar. Even sweats or stretchy leggings can sometimes be uncomfortable on your abdomen and incision. A gown with a robe is always a great way to go when recovering at home with baby.

5. Stool softeners

That first postpartum bowel movement is no joke, even more so if you’ve just undergone major abdominal surgery. Check with your practitioner about taking a laxative for the first few days after your C-section, which can help make the process a bit more tolerable and prevent straining that could irritate your incision.

6. Scar cream

 To take care of your C-section incision, you must keep it clean and dry. Though these days the incision is made in the bikini area, to avoid having noticeable scar applying silicone sheets directly on the scar has been shown to soften and flatten the scar. This is more helpful for those who tend to develop keloids or hypertrophic scars. To get better results, opt for laser therapy post recovery.

(2) Self care essentials
For the new moms

You wish to embrace maternity and motherhood whole heartedly. But then you look into the mirror. You feel like your skin has been through a wringer. It’s dry; it’s oily and it breaks out. You try looking for remedies for your skin woes and are bombarded with ads that promise the latest miracle product. But when you try it out, all it does is make your skin greasy.

If there is something else that frustrates us women more than skin blemishes, it is hair fall. When you are pregnant, suddenly your locks become less desirable. The sight of your hair all over the house postpartum,  haunts you.

Now that you’re a new mother, everything needs extra attention, from what goes in your body to what you put on your face and hair.

VS herbal Body butter for self care

(3) Nursing essentials for the new mom

1. Breast pump

If you have nursing difficulties (or) a working mom (or) you are outside and have to nurse your baby; breast pumps are here to your rescue.
It enables the father and relatives to take part in the feeding process. It also comes in handy when you feel overwhelmed or tired.
With the pros explained, don’t rush into start pumping. Take some time to bond with the baby and start using them only after a few weeks. There are both manual and electric pumps. Choose what fits your lifestyle and budget; and one that is easily portable.

Go for this one : Luvlap manual breastpump from amazon

An electric Breast pump in a co-ord room setting on a table near a cushion chair

2. Nursing pillow

Ensure the nursing pillow is non-toxic, very soft and has just the right amount of firmness. It can be repurposed later to prop up your baby for play time.

Try these out : Kradyl Froft 5-in-1 nursing pillow from amazon

3. Nursing covers

They come in handy while you are out and about. Plus, certain babies nurse better when they’re under a breastfeeding cover and less distracted by all the sights and sounds around them. If you’re in the market for a nursing cover up, keep in mind that there are different types. These are the different styles available, so you can pick the best nursing cover that suits your needs like the nursing shawl, poncho, scarf and apron.

Nursing covers

4. Nursing pads

Also called breast pads, are a beneficial breastfeeding accessory. Placed into a regular or a nursing bra, they can absorb breast milk from leaking breasts to help prevent embarrassment, and protect your clothing from stains during pregnancy and postpartum. Before you make a purchase on nursing pads, you’ll want to consider the type of nursing pad that will fit your needs, like easy to clean or disposable. Material is also important because you’ll want something leak-proof or maybe even adhesive. Additionally, think about cost and how often you’ll need to buy nursing pads.

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Breast pads on a pink background near cotton rolls

5. Nursing bras and clothes

During the day a comfortable wire-free, seam-free and supportive nursing bra is the best option. You can start wearing this type of bra during pregnancy when you outgrow your regular bras. When you begin nursing, bras with full drop cups will allow you to breastfeed your baby easily. For easy feeding at night, you should choose a sleep bra that is comfortable, breathable and keeps breast pads in place.

No piece of clothing can stop any mama from nursing her baby. But there is a wide range of nursing attires specially designed to enable you to nurse your baby wherever and whenever you want. Nursing clothes provide you with everything you need for comfortable breastfeeding with utter discreetness. You will not need to roll anything up anymore or wiggle with the neckline of your t-shirt to “release” your breast. Those around you may not even notice you are breastfeeding! So if you are a breastfeeding mama, nursing clothes should be an essential part of your wardrobe.

Bright Pink nursing bra from mind and mom shop

6. Nursing chairs

You are going to spend many hours breastfeeding. A comfortable chair to breastfeed in can make the difference between enjoying those precious moments and back or neck pain. Hands down, a recliner will be the nursing chair of choice for the mom who plans to use the laid-back nursing position.

When deciding on what breastfeeding chair you want, you will need to prioritize the features that are most important to you like – ergonomics, size, durability, versatility, budget and aesthetics. Hope you find a nursing chair that brings you comfort and many wonderful memories.

(4) Mama and baby bags

You cannot see a new mom out in public without a bag stocked with all the essentials. Diaper bags are the one solution to having a clutter-free and organized space for all the baby essentials. It is home away from home. Undoubtedly diaper bags mean much more than just diapers and there must be ample space to carry all essentials for your little one. You simply should not settle for a diaper bag that keeps falling off your shoulder or has flower-like durability. Choose backpacks or sling bags, keeping your comfort and sense of ease in mind. You need a dirt and water resistant bag which can be easily cleaned. Compartments and pockets are blessing in disguise. You wouldn’t want to scoop out everything else to find that one white diaper.

Try this one : Motherly diaper bags from amazon

A blue diaper back-pack bag with diapers inside and beside it

5. Postpartum belly band

Postpartum belly wraps are sometimes called a belly band or a belly binder. Doctors suggest binding after major abdominal surgery, including after a Cesarean section. They have various benefits including,

  • Helps relieve pain
  • Helps you get moving
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • Helps muscles and incision heal
  • Lowers swelling from surgery
  • Helps with posture

Postpartum belly wraps are meant to provide support to your recovering body. Wearing it too tight can do more damage than good. So take care while using it.

A model wearing pelvic strengthening belt for postpartum

Hope we covered all your postpartum essentials with their benefits in this list mumma. Glad, if our suggestions help save your time. Enjoy motherhood!

If you think we have missed any, please share it in the comment section!

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