Pregnancy Dreams and What They Might Probably Mean

Are you experiencing new dreams or dream patterns which are vivid, colourful, scary, intense dreams ? There can be numerous reasons and most commonly it’s the cause of the change in hormone levels, which in turn affects sleep rhythms.

Generally people vaguely remember the dreams. During pregnancy, women tend to remember the dream in greater detail when they wake up. It is directly related to change in sleep rhythms. There are a lot of disturbances during the night when the baby moves inside the womb or the urge to use the loo, so women tend to wake up. These awakenings may occur in the middle of a dream cycle, which leads to stronger dream memory and hence the greater recall of the dream. And yes, more than working pregnant mothers, the ones who stay at home, spend time thinking about the baby inside, about the delivery, the pain, the joy and their new life with a child after delivery. It’s normal for these thoughts, fantasies, and fears to play out in dreams and sometimes nightmares.

While some are completely illogical dreams, we have some commonly occurring, discussed and of course the next door aunty talks about some dream patterns. You can definitely relate to one or few from the below list:

● Oh sh*t! Dreams

Oh Shit Dreams in Pregnancy

When you forget to feed your baby, drop something down, forget to lock the door or turn off the gas etc. This can be linked to a very common fear that you’re not ready to be a mom.

● ouch! dreams

Ouch Dreams In Pregnancy

When you dream of falling down a deep slope, ditch or attacked by animals (most commonly dogs!) is mainly because you have a feeling of vulnerability.

● Somebody help! dreams

Being stuck in a small space, legs entangled, not able to move, suffocating represent the fear of being tied down or losing your freedom as a new mom.

● Oh no! dreams

Munching delicious food, eating the “to be avoided” things or not gaining enough weight may occur if you’re planning to stick on to a strict diet.

● Ugh! dreams

Ugh Dreams while pregnancy Mind and Mom

Dreaming of your partner with someone else or not spending much time with you reveals that you are afraid of how pregnancy would change your body.

● Memory dreams

Dreaming about lost parents or grandparents might be because you imagine your newborn would resemble them or have their characteristics

● Imagining baby dreams

When you dream about the baby falling sick or having a deformity may indicate anxieties. It is one fear that just about every parent has deep-down inside.
Excited and having fantasy about the baby having unusual skills sometimes indicate concern about the baby’s intelligence or ambitions that you have for the baby in the future.
The most premonitions that your baby if it’s a boy or a girl might mean that you are just inquisitive and always wondering what you’ll be having if you haven’t found out the sex.

● Labor dreams

Labor Dreams I have a baby coming out of me

Repeated labor dreams? Most women tend to have labor dreams in plenty. It reveals anxieties about giving birth — and yeah who doesn’t have those?

Though unpleasant dreams can be disconcerting. You may try to reduce their frequency by talking with your doctor, mother, friend or relatives about any anxieties you face (if any) regarding pregnancy, labor, or motherhood. Start following some pregnant women focus group connects.
A simple tip would be to avoid too much liquid before bed. This may lessen the frequency of urination. Practicing relaxation techniques such as prenatal yoga, meditation can also help to a great extent.

There is no research that says dreams during pregnancy have any influence on the health of your new baby. So keep calm and dream on.

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