Pregnancy essentials: the ultimate checklist

Pregnancy inevitably leads to other ‘p’ words- planning and purchasing! To get you started, here are some products you should invest in to make pregnancy comfortable and enjoyable!

  1. Total body pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy is tough on the body and daily chores get harder to do. Total body pillows are designed to support the contours of your body, making you feel relaxed. It is required, a supportive body pillow becomes essential towards the later stages of your second trimester and throughout your third trimester.
  2. Bra extenders. Often it isn’t your cup size but your band size that will need changing, at least in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. Bra extenders are a cost-effective, practical solution. Your breasts will begin growing at around 6 to 8 weeks. So, it is handy to get some extenders towards the middle of the first trimester.
  3. Massage oil or lotion. As your pregnancy progresses, the blood circulation to your hands and feet boosts blood circulation.  Dry skin can occur right from the first trimester, so a good massage oil or lotion can be useful throughout your pregnancy term!
  4. Ginger. Ginger is a natural remedy to keep morning sickness at bay. It can be added to green tea and used in meals. You can also get some ginger candies. Morning sickness is experienced during the second half of the first trimester, so definitely keep some ginger candies at hand during this time.
  5. Hot water bottle. A hot water bottle could be your best buddy when you have an aching back, sore feet, etc. Your hot water bag will become an indispensable home item during your second and third trimesters.
  6. Sleep mask. Exhaustion, ache, pain and soreness can all be a part of pregnant life. Getting good sleep is vital to recuperate and relax your body, and a sleep mask is essential. You can buy a sleep mask in your first trimester, as it can be of use throughout your pregnancy.
  7. Healthy snacks. You will most likely get hunger pangs throughout pregnancy, and it is essential to eat healthy food to care for your baby and provide proper nutrition during this time. Improve your diet as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, and make sure to stock up on healthy ingredients and snacks.
  8. Shoe inserts. As you gain weight, you will need footwear and inserts that support your feet. Shoe inserts, in particular, are extremely helpful I supporting the arch of your feet. Give your feet all the support they can get during your second and third trimester of pregnancy.
  9. Soft toothbrush. Many pregnant women experience swollen and bleeding gums due to pregnancy-induced gingivitis. If you do not use a soft bristle brush already, change to one as soon as you can. Upgrade your oral hygiene in your first trimester itself.
  10. Bath salt. Bath salts can soothe aching muscles and cramps, which are commonly experienced during pregnancy. Dissolve bath salts in a bucket of water and soak your feet. Bath salts can be used as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed or when you feel muscle pain and fatigue.
  11. Compression socks. As the pregnancy progresses, you will experience issues like swollen feet and leg cramps. Compression socks are particularly useful for pregnant women who are constant on their toes. You may get a pair of compression socks in the middle of the second trimester. That is when you might experience swollen feet.
  12. Maternity belt. Maternity belts come I a few different variations. They support your belly and are a relief for overstrained back and hips. A maternity belt is required in the second or third trimester when backache increases. These essentials will make your life convenient and help relieve a lot of the pregnancy-related strain you will go through. With these, you can pave your way to a happy pregnancy!
  13. Diapers. Changing of diapers will be a frequent task, you will need a lot of diapers and diapering items. You will need products that will help in dealing with rashes since that will be a common problem. You will also need a changing pad they will come in handy. Or you can use a table or dresser if you have one that is suitable. And also, you will need baby wipes during diaper changing. A baby powder which is meant to reduce moisture and friction. It helps in minimizing diaper rashes.
  14. Nursery items. Create a nice, comfortable nursery for your newborn. A comfortable and a nice mattress will be of much help to the child. And also need a monitor to keep an eye of the baby at night.  A nightlight will be of help too for the baby to have a frequent mid-night feeding or just to check up on them. You will also need a noise machine for producing soothing sounds like rainfall sounds to help the baby sleep.
  15. Cool mist humidifier. Babies are prone to respiratory tract infections, especially in the dry winter months. A cool mist humidifier keeps the air moist, giving a less-ideal environment for viruses and bacteria.
  16. Baby clothing. Even though you will be tempted to purchase many adorable and fashionable baby clothes. You need to forget that and buy inexpensive baby stuff. Because babies usually outgrow clothes really quick. Get baby jammies for sleeping time. And the zip-up are easier to manage, and most importantly the ones with mitts they give babies an allowance to scratch themselves.
  17. Toys. Get a lot of baby toys because they play a big role of stimulating their senses. For example, babies love rattles get one for them. Even though your babies won’t be reading for a while it ill be awesome if you rad them storybooks during bedtime. And finally get them toys that make sounds. We all know they become tedious and annoying listening to them but they stimulate their senses and help brain development.

Your pregnancy may be a life-altering event. It’s a tremendous time, however it is a rollercoaster of emotions. whereas their square measure 1,000,000 things to try and do to organize for your baby, there’s no got to feel stressed within the method.

With this pregnancy list, preparing for your new bundle of joy are a breeze! Use this list to assume ahead regarding what you’ll got to get done every trimester and the way you’ll feel throughout every stage.

Start checking things off your list and, in no time in the least, you’ll be able to welcome your baby into this world and your home

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