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October 18, 2021

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You are pregnant and you wish to embrace maternity and motherhood whole heartedly. But then you look into the mirror. You feel like your skin has been through a wringer. It’s dry; it’s oily and it breaks out. You try looking for remedies for your skin woes and are bombarded with ads that promise the latest miracle product. But when you try it out, all it does is make your skin greasy. Now that you’re a mother-to-be, everything needs extra attention, from what goes in your body to what you put on your face. Ayurveda or the natural way is the only solution for this problem.

We all know, Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest holistic healing systems. Being brought up in an indian society it has been embedded into our culture. Our nanis and dadis have almost convinced us to believe in this system with their neem and haldi packs, rose water and other numerous herb concoctions. But this organic simplistic healing method really does do wonders or in fact I should say it does HEAL!

Read on for some tips from an Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Aparna about how these age-old remedies can help you attain a flawless complexion without breaking the bank.

Ayurveda potions for your skin

ayurvedic sandlewood paste with sticksand leaves on a circular stone base

Our expert, Dr. Aparna says, taking care of the skin should start right after conception. Don’t wait to see a blemish or pigmentation to start. Although water is your skin’s best friend some of these oils really help combat those stubborn skin conditions during pregnancy that we all go through!

Check out the video of Dr. Aparna’s live with Mind and Mom : Click here.


Ayurveda offers answer to the billion dollar question – How to get rid of stretch marks?

Apply and massage Eladi Thailam or Nalpamaradi Thailam on your bump, thighs and arms everyday! This makes the skin super elastic and leaves no space for those dry stripes. Talk to your baby and gently massage these areas on a regular basis to see results.

Got something for the face? We got you covered! Get your notepads out.


A simple DIY you can try is, boiling Eladi Churam with coconut milk or raw milk and applying this mask and rinsing it off after a while.


Must Try Face Masks

Manjisthaa Powder or Mulethi Powder (Liquorice powder) with Triphala

Mix these with raw milk and apply it to your skin for acne and hyperpigmentation problem.


Coming to a holy grail, Kumkumadi Thailam is to be used everyday on your face for that glow, inside and out. Oh, it will make you feel like a goddess. It not only improves skin texture but also brightens it. All you need is 3-4 drops and a slow massage on the face. You can thank me later.


For dark patches and other skin related issues you can stick to Eladi Thailam or Nalpamaradi Thailam.


One major symptom during pregnancy and postpartum is pain in your back, joints, knees, calves etc. This obviously happens because of the extra weight your body gains on those parts. Many moms really suffer from this pain. If you are one of them try using Dhanwantharam thailam is the most effective, massage everyday.

foot massafe using ayurvedic oil and paste

Pregnancy and postpartum hair fall

A brush comb with fallen hair

If there is something else that frustrates us women more than skin blemishes, it is hair fall. When you are pregnant, suddenly your locks become less desirable.The sight of your hair all over the house, haunts you.

Here’s why your head might be dropping hair like it’s hot instead.

A health care worker holding a hormones digital card

1. It could be due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

The body tends to produce high amounts of estrogen, a hormone that helps hair to grow thicker and stronger and delays the hair from moving into its telogen (shedding) phase. In most cases, this effect is most noticeable in your third trimester. This hair fall is only temporary. Hopefully, your hair will regain it’s original volume and texture a few months postpartum, once the hormones stabilize.

  2. It might be an underlying health issue  .

Growing a baby is a lot of work for your body. It increases your risk of several health issues, including:

  •  Gestational diabetes
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Hyperemesis gravidarum
  •  Hormone imbalances
  •  Vitamin deficiencies
  •  Thyroid

Ayurveda ingredients for nourishment of hair

It is important for you to nourish your hair regularly. The best way to do it is the way of nature.

Almost every hair oil brand claims to have ayurvedic ingredients in them. But these are the original ingredients and medicated oils to look out for!

  •  Neelibringadi Keram, Bhringamalakadi Thaila and Coconut Oil – Warm the oil and massage at least thrice a week for the best results. You will appreciate the difference and understand the science behind our traditions.
  •  Sesame seeds – You can even soak the seeds in water overnight and make a paste. They are the best natural conditioners.
  •  Dry coconut
  •  Amla or Indian gooseberry  
A woman's reflection of her holding an ayurvedic oil in the mirror

All the products mentioned in this post are recommended by a highly experienced ayurvedic doctor and advisor. But if your conditions aren’t improving 6 months postpartum, it could not be the normal pregnancy related hair fall and could indicate some underlying condition.

Please consult a medical professional for further assistance.

At the end of the day lets learn to try and love our imperfections, even if we want to make certain changes we should always choose the most natural way for our body.

You can choose to think of Ayurveda as a blessing or boon, I will leave that to you but our body should be supported to heal itself and Ayurveda is the best way through which our body’s healing energy is triggered.

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