Fertility Treatment | IVF is Not Your Only Option

I don’t even have to convince you that, every street in India in the last 5 years has been mushrooming with IVF clinics. Thanks to societal pressure we put on women for decades that women’s settlement in life is only having a baby.

Let’s not even get there, let’s just focus on the problem for now.

We should all confess that all of us have at least once, had a friend who’s trying to get pregnant in the last 3 years. WHO states that 60 to 80 million couples worldwide face infertility.

No matter how much fertility treatment costs are skyrocketing, the people who are interested in treatment have not slowed down. Even tier-3 cities like Bihar where there are barely any proper toilet facilities, have a number of fertility clinics.

Of course, there are certain fertility conditions that definitely require ART treatments but when you dig deeper, you might achieve your goal in simpler ways than you’ve ever imagined.

Wondering how? Keep following the article till the end, to know the reasons!  

Where is the actual problem?

The very first problem is not being aware that understanding your body can itself help you get pregnant. Your body keeps on sending signals. Your symptoms are telling you something. Those extreme stomach pain, obesity, in-grown hairs are all yelling at you in what you have to do next but unfortunately, we don’t give much thought to those signals given by our body. 

This is what most of us fail to understand. There might be “n” number of treatment options scattered out, but we should rightly identify through research and relevant guidance on the intensity and type of treatment options that actually require, to solve our health concerns.

IVF clinics

Are the IVF clinics the only solution?

There is a 20% of compound annual growth rate in infertility segment over past 5 years according to Outlook. This increase in the number of fertility problems has become directly proportionate to the rising IVF clinics in recent decades. Infertility in medical terms defines not being able to conceive after one year of unprotected sex for women under 35 years of ageIVF is mostly required for treating age-related infertility and those caused by genetics or even to support unexplained fertility. Unfortunately, people sometimes go for the IVF treatments straight away without opting to try other easy options.

There is also a general myth that IUI and IVF are the only fertility treatment options available which is not the actual case, that prevents couples from seeking other options to help them conceive.

Importance of lifestyle changes for a healthy Conception

This is the most common yet very underrated practice which naturally helps couples to conceive by just adapting prolonged lifestyle modification such as having a healthy balanced diet, exercising, avoiding junk, alcohol, smoke and processed food and leading a stress-free life.

A Harvard study reports that infertility risk of both Men and Women can be decreased to an extent of around 80% with just healthy dietary changes and lifestyle choices and all of which have to be consistently practiced for a minimum of at least 4-6 months to witness visible results.

male fertility

Male fertility= An equal concern

Male factor infertility alone accounts for around 40-50% of overall infertility issues. While complete sperm production for each cycle might take around 60 days, a male can produce better or worse quality sperm depending on his lifestyle changes every month, since sperm changes happen every month.

It’s time for men as well to lead a healthy active lifestyle for good fertility and break the myth that infertility is a woman’s problem.


Give yourself 12 weeks time and see the miracles happen within you

If you’re a couple struggling to conceive naturally, give yourself just a focused 12-weeks of your time and consistency and see visible positive results in your whole health system. Concentrating holistically on your physical, mental and nutritional health as a couple together for three months and more, will help you in having a healthy conception and improve the overall quality of your egg and sperm.

Additionally, this practice also provides you with improved results in your next IVF cycle, if you’re undergoing or wanted to take up any ART treatments.

For best results, this practice should be done under the supervision of an expertise and a fertility doctor where they assess the root cause of your infertility conditions and provide individualistic solutions based on that, and helps you in framing a personalized treatment plan including your diet and nourishment, supplements, lifestyle changes, De-stress tools and techniques. This speeds up your process of trying to conceive in an effective way, with minimal time rather than, you adapting some random tips that you come across in the world of internet and social media.

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