Worst foods for fertility

Do you often feel that the culprits are easily visible when it comes to dietary impacts on fertility? Still, winning them over in that mind game can be a real challenge. Yes, to focus on chowing down healthy stuff can feel like a task amid all your odd cravings and hormonal changes that affect both your body and mind. But with the proper knowledge and understanding, it’s possible to maintain good health simply by avoiding certain worst foods that cause fertility issues. Want to know how?

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Your sneaky fertility foes

Here are some of the worst foods for fertility;

High/refined carbs and trans fat

Foods rich in high carbs and processed, like red meat, pasta, and pizza, cause a rapid spike in the blood sugar level, leading to insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, and inflammation. A Study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that consuming too much trans fat like processed meats, sweets, and fizzy drinks also harms pregnancy and may, in turn, lead to ovulatory infertility risk.

Excessive alcohol and caffeine

Excessive alcohol and caffeine

Too much of anything is not good, especially when trying to conceive. Suppose if you’re a person who has the habit of smoking, consuming alcohol, or excessive caffeine intake, it’s time to reduce or to the best, even avoid it altogether. Also, remember passive smoking can lead to fertility disorders as well.

So, stay away from smokers.

Artificial sweeteners

These synthetic sugar substitutes that provide sweetness without calories, trigger an insulin response, alter the gut microbiome, and disrupt the hormones, causing menstrual and ovulatory disorders in women and impacts the quality of sperm production in men.

Seafood high in mercury

Seafood high in mercury

Avoid certain types of seafood and fish with higher mercury levels, like swordfish and sharks, and choose food lower in mercury, like salmon and sardines. Mercury can harm the developing fetus inside the womb when it accumulates in the body for a long time. Be mindful of your seafood choices to avoid consuming potentially harmful chemicals.

Pesticide laden foods

Pesticides disrupt hormonal function and cause oxidative stress. Avoid foods containing excessive use of pesticides and instead choose fruits and vegetables grown organic.

The convenience trap

Just like how a rat gets trapped by a blob of cheese, we humans get trapped by the trash foods in the name of convenience and accessibility. The only difference is that rats aren’t aware of it, but humans do and still get in that fast food trap. These foods are everywhere around the corner, tempting us to grab those quick bites that feel so comforting.


The convenience trap

Emotional Comfort

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we go for these junks for a little emotional comfort and a temporary escape it provides from reality while dealing with emotional struggles. The advertisements, eye catchy colorful packaging, and peer influence adds on to that.

But, how do we break free from this trap?

Winning the mind game

Have you ever craved healthy food? I know you would probably laugh at me for asking this. Though craving is one of our body’s ways of signaling its need for certain deficient nutrients, we often satisfy them with unhealthy foods and associate cravings with those foods that might affect our fertility.

Rewire those food cravings.

Did you know that based on your prior thoughts and experiences, the neurons in your brain have already made connections? These connections may cause the production of feel-good hormones when you encounter fast food, which may urge you to overeat. Instead, you can connect unhealthy meals with undesirable qualities or outcomes, and rewire your brain accordingly. This way, you gradually lessen your desire to eat certain items too frequently by actively associating unfavorable outcomes along with it. This rewiring will inturn enable you to make better decisions for your body and mind.

Create visual reminders

Create visual reminders to keep yourself from getting distracted too often and stay focused on your end goal. For example, you can place a photo of a healthy baby around your house where you see them too often. That should remind you to consume healthy food for the sake of your baby.

Swap your snack

Swap your unhealthy food choices with healthier alternatives that are both delicious, colorful and help promote your fertility at the same time. These healthier options should be at a place that is easily reachable for both your hands and eyes.

Build your allies

Have a support system that can understand and empathize with what you’re going through, help you stay accountable, and keep you on track. You should be able to discuss your goals and progress that keeps you motivated and responsible throughout your fertility journey.

Use visualization technique

Use visualization technique

Mindfulness techniques like breathing, meditation, and yoga help you stay focused. Be aware of your food choices, practice emotional eating, and bring in your sensory awareness while eating.

As per a journal published by Oxford Academic, food taken during pre-conception also impacts fertility.

With no further excuses, improve your chances of conceiving with these simple yet effective strategies. Right mindful choices and perseverance is all that you need throughout this journey.

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