Baby’s First Bath – Terrifying task to a smooth ride!

April 9, 2021

5 Minutes

As exciting as it is to give your baby his/her bath, it is also terrifying as hell – Will I hurt him? What if the soap/water goes in her eyes? What if I massage him too hard? What soap do I use? The confusions are endless…

So let us start with the time of the bath – it is best to bathe your baby in the morning but when the temperature is pleasant and not too cold or hot. The water warm but not hot – you can test the temperature using your elbow and ensure that it is comfortable for your baby.

In the olden days, women used to bathe babies by making them lie on their legs… but most millennials will have difficulties with that. We have much easier and comfortable options like this anti-slip tub with a bath seat from Amazon.

Using coconut oil/ olive oil to massage your baby with gentle strokes – from head, neck, shoulder, arms, back, body and legs. Remember to massage their fingers and feet too. If the climate is warm enough, then you can let your baby play in the tub for 10-15 minutes before bathing him.

Add the bubble bath (check out this super mild yet pleasant to the tub before adding the warm water for maximum bubbles, let her play with the water and bubbles when you slightly massage her with the bubbles and play with her bath toys – These bath toys from Amazon can also help with teaching your baby about animals and colors in the future.

Washing their hair is a little tricky – ensure that the water is cooler than the one you use for the body. This shampoo from mother care is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your baby’s eyes. Pour the lukewarm water over your baby’s forehead ensuring that it flows towards the back of his head rather than the face. Even if the water flows over your baby’s face, it is okay, they’re used to being in warm fluid, so do not sweat it. Shampoo the hair and rinse carefully.

After the bath, place your baby on a changing mat to dry the water off using a soft towel like this one from mother care.

Apply a moisturizing lotion on your baby’s hands and feet using soft strokes and powder on your baby’s neck, bum, and armpits if you’re in a warm climate.

It is natural that your baby cries during his bath. Be calm and distract him with toys and music. Babies are naturally comfy in warm water and if you use hypoallergenic and non-irritating products, your baby will not be uncomfortable at all. This is a great time for the parents to bond with their children and if you can make it fun and include your partner in this, it would ensure a strong connection with your children.

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