Three trimesters of fashion

April 8, 2021

7 Minutes

For any woman, pregnancy is the time to vouch for comfort more than anything else; even fashion. But looking good while looking like a diva is not that difficult. Read on to know how you can look trendy while not wearing tight, uncomfortable, and even painful clothing/accessories.


This trimester for the most part you won’t know you are pregnant and the clothing/accessories don’t start becoming uncomfortable yet. The first change you would want to make is your footwear, especially if you use high heels on a regular basis – no unnecessary risks for your little one.

Check out these comfortable, yet stylish and colorful sandals.

Investing in a pair of flat bellies would be worth your money as these can be used no matter how big your belly gets… And even after delivery!


This is a confusing stage. Your belly is just starting to show, your feet start getting swollen if you have a long day, sweating increases and basically the “I need to be comfortable right now” stage starts.

Let’s go from inside to out.

  1. Panties – Ditch the thongs for more comfortable cotton panties that also support your growing belly. Check out these super comfy high-waist maternity panties

  2. Bras – Your boobs grow during pregnancy and stay that way even after delivery, so new bras are a must-have. So when choosing your new bras keep in mind that they are breathable and after delivery, you have to keep them on even during the night as you are lactating and your boobs will need support.

    A good quality cotton bra will provide support while not making you uneasy.  Choosing a feeding bra can be useful even after delivery for easy nursing. This nursing bra comes highly recommended by moms.

  3. Camisole Slips – We don’t really need a slip or chemise on a daily basis for most of our tops/dresses. This is just so that our excess sweat is absorbed and our clothing doesn’t look all wet and makes us uneasy. The best part is that it can double as nightwear, it is so airy and comfy. This pack of 4 camisole tops comes at a great price.

  4. Indian Wear – Most traditional Indian wear is comfortable, but when mixed with fashion, the same cannot be said. Even then, it is quite easy to adapt Indian wear to trending fashion with ease while being comfortable at the same time. Check out the pretty Kurti that you can wear with a growing tummy as well as use it during the nursing period.

  5. Western Wear – Times have changed, stretchy pants and maternity frocks are now designed with fashion and comfort in mind, with the choices available, you can surely find the fashion of your choice with ease. If not check these out – these maternity jeans.

  6. Footwear – On long days your feet are swollen and tender, you need soft heels and more space for your foot. The solution to your problem – Sneakers. You get them in a variety of colors and models that you can adapt to make your own fashion statement. These durable casual shoes give you a great grip and keep your feet comfy.


Okay, so investing in comfortable fashion was done by the second trimester and since we are smart women, we made sure to use durable clothes and shoes that can be used during the third trimester and even after delivery. (For mommies reading this in their third trimester, please read the trimester 2 fashion choices.)

So what is left for the final trimester for the mommy diva? Photoshoot accessories!

I’m not going to tell you how to accessorize… Just a reminder – this is your happy memory, be yourself and remember that your baby loves you no matter how you look! Don’t just wear your favourite accessories; flaunt them!

In case you are looking for comfortable maternity wear, check out our Mind and Mom online store.

Let me leave you with some food for thought: your dressing should reflect who you are, never give up on being yourself; but, pregnancy is difficult some days and it is okay to not be dressed your best, no one will judge you for it.

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