Maternity Clothing – The Ultimate Guide

May 4, 2021

Yes, you can look glam while you don’t compromise on the comfort!

Pregnancy comes with lots of changes, and that that includes wardrobe changes! As the female body undergoes significant physical and physiological changes, many find it difficult to get themselves organized. Many pregnant women seek a guide to maternity clothing, especially when the baby bump starts showing up.

You don’t have to wait until the baby bump shows up before you start shopping for your maternity outfits. The moment you find out you are pregnant is a good time to start thinking of your maternity outfits. 

Knowing that it might be difficult for you to shop for items or picture what you would look like in maternity clothing, this article has been created as your ultimate guide to maternity clothing shopping. 

Why you need to shop for maternity clothing

If you are pregnant, especially if you are a first-time mom, the chances are high that you have asked several questions about maternity and maternity clothing, such as, “do I really need maternity apparels? Isn’t it a waste of money buying maternity apparels?”

The fact is that shopping for maternity outfits is not a must, but you’d hardly get past your third trimester without needing certain maternity clothing items. You might be tempted to improvise, but the question you have to ask yourself is, “is improvising safe for my baby and me?”

Shopping maternity outfits is a necessary step for every expecting mom

You need to shop for some basic maternity outfits because, as much as possible, you need comfort when you are pregnant. Pregnancy makes you gain additional weight. Pregnancy is one of the reasons it is easier for women to gain weight and harder for them to lose weight. Here are some tips on how you can have a belly only pregnancy.

Expect that your clothes will start getting tight, especially around the abdominal area. This will make you feel restricted. The tight outfit can obstruct the free circulation of blood to all parts of the body and can cause body pain. You already have many pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue and baby kicks to deal with and won’t want to add these to the list. Coming to terms with your changing body also means you welcome the idea of getting maternity clothing outfits that are fit for this stage of your life.

Maternity clothing outfits to buy without breaking the bank

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon, this guide to maternity clothing will come in handy to guide you on items to buy before your baby bump starts showing up. So, let’s get right to it. Where do you start from?

  • Buy few nice tops that make you feel and look good

You should buy well-fitted but free tops for comfort

The idea is to buy clothes that are not too tight, but it also doesn’t mean you buy clothes that make you look like a hag. Buy yourself nice tops from trendy maternity clothing stores. Depending on your choice, you can go for short sleeves, long sleeves or even vests. The top should look stylish while still giving you enough breathing space. 

  • Add new leggings to your wardrobe

As your body shape starts changing, your pants will start feeling too tight around the waist. You shouldn’t skip buying leggings. Leggings are suitable outfits for pregnant women as they fit the body and stretch to accommodate the growing bump. 

You can wear leggings as underdressing or pyjamas pants. They look perfect when worn under a dress or a tunic. Another good thing is that you can continue wearing them even post-pregnancy as no one will notice the difference between maternity leggings and regular leggings but you.

  • Dresses or gowns make perfect maternity outfits

Maternity gowns are a great outfit choice for both formal and informal occasions.

Not all pregnant women like going through the stress of putting on a top over jeans or leggings. Some will prefer wearing a simple dress. A maternity gown is one of the must-haves for a pregnant woman. 

What usually comes to people’s minds when we talk about maternity gowns are oversized garments that look like tents. But who says you can’t look gorgeous on maternity gowns? 

Shop for yourself maternity gowns that are free on you and in the same fashionable style. Asides from wearing maternity gowns as casual wears, you can also wear them for parties, especially those that skim over your bump, giving you that floaty, trendy style. 

  • You will need maternity bras and panties

Maternity bras and panties ensure that you are comfortable beneath your external clothing 

There is no way we are skipping the undies. As your tummy starts growing, other parts of your body, such as your breasts and waist, also undergo changes in size. 

Bras and panties are among the essential everyday wardrobe items you need to change. You might be tempted to overlook them, but it is also important that you feel comfortable beneath your maternity outfit. You will need to buy comfortable maternity bras and maternity panties to feel at ease all day. The good thing is that you can even wear the bras post-pregnancy when you are nursing your baby.

  • Throw in one or two jeans

Pregnancy is a nine-month journey, and even though you are on maternity, you wouldn’t want to be found always ransacking your wardrobe in search of what to wear to match those nice tops you purchased.  

To give you more clothing styling options, you can add one or two pairs of jeans to your maternal clothing shopping list.

  • Get a comfortable cardigan or jacket

It is important to keep your bump warm, especially during the cold season. This is more reason you will need a maternity sweatshirt or cardigan to get yourself wrapped up when it turns chilly. 

Don’t forget to buy sweater or cardigan to protect your baby bump and keep the cold away

Cardigans are a perfect match for almost every maternity apparel, especially if you want to pull off a casual look. For a more stylish look, you might want to shop for an edgy jacket or trendy parka. Spice things up by throwing into the cart a matching scarf, hat and gloves. These clothing items will be ideal for a crisp autumn walk. 

  • Match it all up with comfy shoes

Our guide to maternity clothing covers everything from maternity underwear to footwear. We are not about to skip this part. You might want to discard those high-heels for a while, at least until you have put them to bed and strong enough to go on heels. This reduces the chances of accidents or falls when you are pregnant.

Going on flat shoes like sneakers will be preferable during the first two trimesters. However, as your pregnancy advances to the later stage, it would be best to opt for more free footwears like no-heel sandals and slippers. This is because your feet will most likely swell during this pregnancy stage, and you would need to wear footwear that is not tight. While shopping for comfy shoes, you should have your maternity outfit styles and colours in mind, so you purchase footwear that matches. 

  • Knickers and shorts are perfect for indoors

All this while, we have been reeling off maternity clothing outfits that are perfect for outdoor activities. What is indoor maternity wear? Pregnancy doesn’t mean you wear long gowns every day, even when you are indoors. 

You can go a bit sexy on some days, and knickers and shorts are just perfect for that sleek look. Shop around for cute maternity knickers and shorties. How will you know if a pair of knickers is a great maternity clothing choice? It should be light, super comfortable and loose, especially around the waist!

Remember, this is only a guide to give you tips on the maternity clothing you will need during pregnancy without breaking the bank and what to look out for while making your purchases. However, feel free to throw in some extras like swimsuits and socks and lingerie camisoles. 

Going on maternity clothes shopping is one of the fun things some women wish they did when they were pregnant. You can have your spouse go with you on your maternity clothing shopping to help you make choices. Remember dads also play significant roles in parenthood.

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