Planning to delay your pregnancy until your 30s?

A lot of young women hear, are made to listen (by free advice), or randomly come across many pregnant women in their 30s. Even your grandma or great grandma, even though they would have had an early pregnancy, there is a high chance that most of them would have a late delivery in their 30s as well. There is an unsaid rule among parents and relatives to get an item ticked off the wedding checklist – to have a baby. But wait, this isn’t something that is to be ticked off. It is the beginning of a new life.

Handling a baby is no easy job and it is something that requires a lifetime of commitment. So, before you conceive, it is important to rethink and do away with any fears you might have. You should be prepared to take on all responsibilities and risks so ask yourself and your partner questions about childcare. Considering your physical, emotional, and financial stability if you really want to have a baby, then that is the right time. Your parents, in-laws, or any other relatives shouldn’t sweet-talk you into it.

We wouldn’t say that there are no cons at all when you try to or are pregnant at 30. In fact, you might have searched around google looking for the success probability, disadvantages, or even maybe complications that may arise and there might be zillions of reasons and complications mentioned. But here’s us telling you why it is worth considering putting off your decision to start a family until you are ready.

The pros of having a baby after the age of 30 include the following:

Experience speaks If you just rewind, look at you when you were 23. Had a carefree life, finishing college, finding love, going through heartbreaks, and whatnot. Barely a little more mature than a child! By the time you are in your 30s, you would have traveled, seen a few people around, worked, lived, and gained more experience. You will be wiser, and calmer and can provide more support for your child.

Figuring out relationships

● Figuring out relationships– It is when you are in your 30’s, there are high chances that you will be in a stable, healthy relationship. When you are just married and discovering your husband and your in-laws and finding ways to get adjusted, having a baby may not be the most appropriate decision. Having a baby is not a solution or is gonna make you wiser overnight!

Financial Stability

● Financial Stability – This is perhaps the biggest reason why women choose to have children in their 30s. You gain about a quiet few years of experience working. In your 30s, you will be older, wiser, capable of saving money, or would have already saved some for the baby. You start to make better financial decisions. The frequent checkups, tests, medicines, baby essentials, diapers, and nannies won’t make you break out in a sweat.

● Support system – Most of the mums are getting pregnant later and the average age for having the first baby has moved to 30.5 amongst this generation. If you have a baby at 25, there are chances you will be the only mom among your friends as most of them wait to get pregnant until they turn 30 or something. You will find yourself running to your parents or too much older women for advice (you know they have a lot to give)! When you have a baby in your 30s, your support group will consist mostly of same-aged and like-minded mothers.

You’ll Look and Feel Younger

● You’ll Look and Feel Younger– Most mothers admit that having children made them age faster. If you are having a baby at twenty-three then by the time you are 30 years old, you will have a 7-year-old going to school. Most of your friends will just start having babies making them appear much younger.

More energetic – You aren’t any for more the feeble women in your 20’s. The busy schedule of your life makes you very energetic and full of stamina in your thirties. This is a perfect time to nourish your baby in your womb.

Dreamt about twins

● Dreamt about twins – Do those Instagram and youtube videos of adorable twins always make you smile? Here’s what you should know to be even more excited. Your levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) grow as you age and therefore there are more possibilities to conceive twins or multiples around this time. Go on, and hit the jackpot.

Here’s how you can try to have a healthier pregnancy –

● Exercise – You might be zoned with your own work, family, and other unavoidable things. But, keeping yourself fit is highly recommended to you if you are planning to get pregnant in your 30s. It helps in raising your fitness levels, making it easier for you to get pregnant. If you are entirely new, you can start with yoga and not by hitting the gym directly. Upon conceiving, you may enroll in exercise classes for pregnant women to make sure you are healthy enough to bear the child and lower any chances of pregnancy complications.

● Go Off the Pill – This one is the most obvious. If you have been on contraceptive pills, stop using them for a couple of months before you start trying to get pregnant.

Friday parties can wait

● Friday parties can wait – Smoking and drinking should be completely avoided when you are trying to conceive. It is not just for you. Pull in your partner as well in this. It is proven that smoking and drinking can lower sperm count in men.

● Have a wide smile – You have crossed almost few hurdles and you by this time would have realized that there is no running away from stress. Several factors might raise stress levels and take a toll on your body. At times they might also contribute to delaying your pregnancy or developing pregnancy-related complications. It is, therefore, very important to manage physical and mental stress. Meditating may help in calming down your jittery nerves and help in taking better decisions.

● Visit Your Doctor – Many experts recommend visiting a gynecologist before you start trying to get pregnant to rule out any chronic illness like asthma or diabetes. You might want to start early on the supplements like folic acid if necessary.

● Be Careful About Medicines – Self-medication is also a big no-no. If you are taking medicines for existing medical conditions, be sure to consult your doctor as some medicines might not be suitable for pregnant women. You may complete the dosage, or ask your doctor to prescribe alternative medicines that will not affect your pregnancy.

● Maintain a Healthy Diet – Don’t forget to eat healthy foods. Ensure your diet includes all the nutrients required by your body for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. So, eat fresh fruits, and vegetables and drink lots of water.

If you’re not ready to have a child in your 20s, that shouldn’t be a cause for worry. With the rapid changes and advancement in medical sciences, more and more women in their 30s and 40s are giving birth to healthy, happy babies. Taking care of your health, eating right, and exercising regularly can ensure that you have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby at any age.

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