Pregnancy after 40. Do they have Chances?

Getting pregnant after 35 or 40 years has become a common occurrence in recent times. I don’t even have to tell you the reasons, the main ones include career goals, a shift in relationship status, or simply because you don’t feel like having kids at your early stages of life is a choice. 

All of this is perfectly normal. You needn’t push yourself when you don’t want to do it, just because this society demands you to do so.  You really don’t have to worry about the nosy aunt who’s asking you about ‘good news’ every now and then. Keeping all these ‘my life, my choice’ talks let’s get into reality. Can you and I speak for a few minutes practically? 

Pregnancy possible after 40

Here are some truth bombs:

 Our families generally state the gradual decline in the number of eggs from your ovaries with age is one of the reasons for pushing women into pregnancy at an early stage. That may be true in a way, but that doesn’t mean, there are zero possible ways if you wish to conceive after 40. Age is only secondary and there are multiple other factors to be considered, before deciding whether late pregnancy is possible. All you need to do is, consider the available options and understand the potential risks before stepping into the process. 

Is Pregnancy possible after 40? 

How you define “age” matters the most here because the chronological age pales when compared to that of biological age. It’s important for our biological clock to be in harmony with nature. Keep your body and mind in good sync if you have to achieve a healthy and active pregnancy. 

That said, the way we live our life can actually reverse the aging process of our body and cells, or at least slow it down. Focus on optimizing your fertility from a very early age, by making necessary lifestyle changes. If you are thinking about late pregnancies for your future, take those baby steps and lead a healthy life from now on. Better don’t delay more. 

Pro tip: You can also freeze your eggs when they’re the healthiest at your early age if you already have thought about having late pregnancy. 

Late pregnancy complications

Late pregnancy complications:

Worried about the increased risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities associated with late pregnancies? Relax. With technology at its forefront, there are multiple ways to get you pregnant even if you are 35+ 

Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments like IVF and ICSI might be required in certain conditions though some healthy women can naturally get pregnant. 

Keep your health under check to prevent any complications like preterm labor, gestational diabetes, and umbilical cord complications amongst others, and give some extra care to yourself. It’s always good to get treated at the earliest for having a smooth pregnancy experience at a later stage. 

Here are a few tips that can help you; 

  • Closely monitor and manage chronic conditions
  • Get regular prenatal care
  • Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Avoid performing heavy activities
  • Get your genetic testing done

Most importantly, talk to your doctor about your options and the best ways to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy if you are planning for it after 40. 

Mental health and late pregnancy

This is something underrated but to be equally focused on, especially when it comes to pregnancy after 40. 

Mental health and late pregnancy

There might be people around, who are ready to make you feel guilty and demotivating and reduce your confidence level in times when you are trying for pregnancy after 35. Don’t be shunned by all those challenges. Instead, choose people who understand you and want to support you with your decision. Make your closest circle understand how important this is for you because it’s not just about your physical health but your mental health is equally important. 

You might’ve already been through so much in these years from not wanting a baby in your early years to wanting one, right now. So, prioritize and seek required support from your circle or even mental health professionals whenever needed. 

Remember, the happiness would be immense when we taste success after going through the hardest journey with hurdles and challenges. 

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