Skincare 101 for Mommies

April 8, 2021

7 Minutes

Pregnancy is a time for funny changes in our bodies – and sometimes not so funny. For instance, some of us get thicker longer hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails while some of us get dark necks and swollen faces. Some of us even get stretch marks early on.

Our Indian traditional skincare has been tried and tested by our foremothers, and with a little patience & self-love, we can reap the head-turning benefits of these simple skincare routines.


Okay so this is something that is beneficial even if you are not pregnant or even if you are a man. Other than the general benefits like blood circulation and moisturizing the skin; when pregnant it helps your tight muscles relax, increase body flexibility and skin elasticity. Moreover, this gives you time to take care of your body and observe the changes. This improves sleep, reduces body swelling, and decreases muscle & joint pains.

  1. BODY – NALPAMARADI THAILAM – this age-old remedy for numerous skin-related ailments is great for a mommy-to-be. Where do I start with the benefits? A regular massage with this miracle oil helps avoid stretch marks (a nightmare for every pregnant woman) and itchy skin. This oil is anti-microbial and anti-fungal which helps in fighting acne. It also helps in avoiding or reducing the dark area around the neck and inner thighs with regular use and even removes tan. After delivery, this oil can also be used on sore nipples – just remember to wipe it off before nursing your baby. This oil can also be used on your newborn if the climate is not too cold.
  2. HAIR – COCONUT OIL/OLIVE OIL – There are a lot of changes happening to your hair also and it deserves pampering as much as your skin. Taking care of your hair ensures that postpartum hair loss is at a minimum. Use coconut oil if you are in a warm climate and olive oil if you’re living someplace cooler. Weekly 2-3 days can do the trick.

    You could also get your baby daddy to massage you 😉. It helps you bond with your baby as a family and makes your baby happy.


A regular exfoliation is great for your body. Instead of using a store-bought processed and mostly artificial scrub, it is better to use an all-natural scrub made at home using basic ingredients like gram flour, turmeric, and curd. You can add coffee grounds to the same mixture for your hands and feet for an added exfoliation. Remember not to overdo on your tummy, thighs, and back – it could irritate your skin.


Some mommies may be advised minimum physical activity but unless advised so by your doctor, some exercise is always good for you. It helps your body flush out the toxins and keep you active. This opens up your pores and keeps your skin happy.

If you want to know more about mommy safe exercise, check out our library/mommy’s paradise


Water intake is crucial for your baby’s health as well as yours. Drinking enough water ensures that the skin on your body and lips do not become dry and chapped.

We have a reminder option on our app (Android or Apple) if you need to keep a record and ensure that you’ve taken enough water for the day.


Remember to take all your supplements on time as this is not only beneficial for your little one but also great for your skin and hair.

We have a reminder option on our app (Android or Apple) if you need to keep a record and ensure that you’ve taken all your supplements for the day.


Women are known to be conscious of what they eat during pregnancy, taking care to avoid foods that can hurt their baby. It is also important to eat foods that are good for your baby – most of these double as your skincare also. Example – green leafy veggies, colorful fruits and veggies like carrots, bell pepper, oranges, etc, salmon, mackerel…

The more you take care of yourself, the healthier your baby will be. It is okay to spend time with yourself and invest in pampering yourself. Be happy and let the world know and no one can stop you from being beautiful.

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