From Struggles to Smiles: Overcoming Male Infertility and Embracing Parenthood!

Dr. Puvithra Thanikachalam

Interview with Dr. Puvithra Thanikachalam


Senior Consultant Fertility Specialist & Andrologist

Head of the Department- Chettinad Fertility Services

When it comes to fertility struggles, the focus is often placed solely on women. However, it’s time to break the stigma and acknowledge that men can also experience fertility challenges. From abnormal sperm count to erectile dysfunction, male infertility can significantly impact a couple’s chances of conceiving. That’s why it’s crucial to test both partners to identify any potential problems and help couples conceive successfully.

couples conceive successfully

Could your swimmers be running on empty? - a closer look at azoospermia!

The absence of sperm in the semen is one of the conditions causing Azoospermia. It can be caused by issues with sperm production or blockages in the reproductive tract. Abnormal semen, like low sperm count or poor movement, can also contribute to fertility issues. Identifying and treating these factors is essential to increase the chances of planting the seeds of life. Seeking evaluation from a qualified healthcare provider specializing in male reproductive health is vital to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment. Accurate semen analysis, performed by trained technicians, is crucial in determining the cause of infertility in men.

Male infertility

Cutting-edge modern medical treatments for male infertility.

If you’re struggling with male infertility, don’t lose hope!
The dream of having a biological child is still within reach. Thanks to modern fertility treatments. Even if your partner’s soldiers are missing in action, surgical sperm retrieval and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can maximize your chances of conception using yours.
For sure, it would require determination and patience, but the reward is priceless – a beautiful bundle of joy. And if all medical options have been exhausted, donor sperm is viable. In India, strict ART laws ensure that donors undergo a thorough medical evaluation to guarantee their health and prevent the transmission of any diseases. With these precautions in place, you can have peace of mind as you embark on the exciting journey of parenthood.

modern fertility treatments

Towards healthy conception through holistic lifestyle changes”

While physical fitness is essential, it’s not a guarantee for good reproductive health in men. That’s why it’s crucial to evaluate both partners comprehensively. Don’t be shy; take the essential step of a non-invasive semen analysis that provides valuable information for successful conception. Remember, assessing the male partner is as critical as the female partner on the journey toward parenthood.
But don’t worry, promoting good reproductive health is easy with a healthy lifestyle!
Men should also maintain a healthy weight with physical activity and a proper diet to optimize sexual function and sperm quality. Smoking and alcohol can negatively affect fertility, so skip them for now. A happy life contributes to overall health and fertility, so prioritize your reproductive health. Hormones play a vital role in sperm production and general reproductive health. Beware of supplements or growth hormones that can interfere with hormone levels and fertility. Get on the right track to parenthood with a healthy lifestyle.

Achieve happy endings.

With the rising Male infertility, with proper evaluation and treatment, it’s easy to overcome these challenges and start the journey toward parenthood. Let’s raise awareness of male fertility and encourage men to prioritize their reproductive health. Together, we can achieve happy endings and start the journey toward parenthood with confidence!

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